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The measure of luxury

Choose the Grand Suite with elite butler service throughout your stay and get the full luxury experience.
The Dr Irena Eris Polanica Zdrój SPA Hotel was the first hotel in Poland to offer its guests in the Grand Suite round-the-clock butler service. The butler, who accompanies the guests throughout their stay, makes sure that the guests have a truly unique experience and offers assistance with hotel services. Apart from welcoming the guests in the hotel lobby and escorting them to the suite, his tasks include making sure that the suite is prepared and all the activities related to the stay are performed according to the preferences of the guests.

He is also the person who coordinates and fulfills various wishes of the guests, even those most unusual, and executes special tasks. For example, he will arrange airport transfers or business meetings, schedule private tours of tourist attractions, deliver breakfast at the appointed time, or set up and see to the room service schedule. His role is to surprise the guests, exceed their expectations, and provide a customized experience while maintaining discretion. See how we take care of our guests.

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