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 Argan ritual
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Argan ritual

The ARGAN BODY RITUAL treatment provides bio-regeneration of the body with argan oil. Warm compresses and captivating scents ensure wonderful relaxation, and beneficial components intensely nourish and firm the skin.
ARGAN OIL referred to as liquid gold is one of the most valuable oils in cosmetology. Hollywood celebrities fell in love with this oil from the first touch. It easily penetrates the epidermis easily, smoothing the skin, moisturizes it, nourishes, firms and reduces discolorations. It also rebuilds the lipid barrier and protects against harmful external factors. It perfectly alleviates inflammatory conditions and also regulates the sebaceous glands function.

This beneficial product is also ideal for massages. Visit Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institutes or a Dr Irena Eris Beauty Partner salon and find out for yourself by trying out the ARGAN BODY RITUAL therapy. It is a regenerative and deeply relaxing treatment. This therapy nourishes and firms the skin, ensuring protection against harmful external factors.

The treatment starts with a customized scrub which stimulates blood circulation through a delicate micro-massage performed by tiny particles contained in the formula. The next step is bio-regeneration. This stage involves putting on a regenerating mask with argan oil and guarana extract. The treatment is concluded with a massage performed using warm compresses and a special cream that transforms into aromatic oil when heated. The massage strengthens the skin’s hydro-lipid layer and replenishes any lipid deficiencies.

In order to enhance and extend treatment effects, we recommend the Dr Irena Eris PROSYSTEM HOME CARE ARGAN BODY FIESTA series: Regenerating body butter and Cleansing body scrub with argan oil. The butter intensively nourishes and simultaneously scents the skin with a warm scent of caramel, chocolate and juicy citrus fruit. Thanks to cocoa seed particles and sugar crystals submerged in argan oil, the scrub optimally smoothens and nourishes the skin. Argan oil with high content of vitamin E and EFAs smoothens, hydrates, nourishes and firms the skin, protecting it against harmful external factors. In the butter this effect is enhanced by the presence of shea butter and olive oil wax and moisturizing babassu oil, while in the scrub – nourishing shea butter and grape seed oil.

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