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New Institute in Promenade Mall now open!

The Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institute has opened in the newest part of the Atrium Promenada shopping center in Warsaw. Located on the 1st floor, the elegant salon houses five beauty salons equipped with modern equipment based on Hi-Tech technologies. Customers can enjoy professional, proprietary treatments for the face and body, as well as relaxing massages. The institute also houses a treatment room for two, suites for manicure and pedicure and aesthetic medicine procedures.

A key role at the Skin Care Institute is played by cosmetologists, who ensure the best beauty results through the careful selection of appropriate treatments. The central part of the salon is a place for inspiring encounters with the brand and a space where experts advise on the right home care. The full range of Dr Irena Eris cosmetics,

Dr Irena Eris PROSYSTEM HOME CARE and Dr Irena Eris Make Up are available for purchase as well. Separate spaces in the Institute provide an intimate atmosphere and harmony for the soul and body. The interior décor features a unique style, offering visitors the opportunity to break away from everyday life.

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