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The epidermis of men is even 20% a than that of women. It contains 32 cell layers, whereas women's epidermis has only 20. Due to the higher content of collagen and elastin and a thicker layer of the adipose tissue, men’s skin ages at a slower pace and retains its elasticity for longer. Sometimes it pays off to have thick skin...
Although in the case of men wrinkles show up later, they are deeper and more visible. Shaving is a natural form of exfoliation, as it reduces the tendency for dry skin and firms the skin, but also has a negative effect, because it removes its natural protective layer and causes irritation and dehydration.

Male hormones have a great impact on how the skin looks. They cause acne problems, spots and oily skin. A decrease in the concentration of testosterone in men’s organisms results in more wrinkles—first ones, fine and shallow, appear around the age of 30. The Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Institutes offer face treatments developed specially for men. 

moisturizing and smoothing of the skin 
normalization of the functioning of sebaceous glands 
reduced visibility of pores

reduced number and depth of wrinkles
reduced depth of lines
intense moisturization
smoothened skin

Treatment prices start at PLN 190.

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