Sense of Beauty

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The flower of bitter orange

Take a walk in the blooming, full of sun exotic grove. Wrap your skin in a fresh, sensual fragrance of neroli and a variety
Of citrus aromas.
Cosmetics from the Dr Irena Eris 
PROSYSTEM HOME CARE BODY FIESTA series not only perfectly condition the skin, but also have a uniqe texture and sensual fragrance, turning even their application into real pleasure. Modern formulae, based on an extraordinary composition of natural vegetable waxes and novel active ingredients, give the skin perfect moisture, nourishment and rmness. 
Sensual Moisturizing Body Balm provides intensive care for the skin and at the same time perfumes it with a seductive fragrance of neroli owers and fresh citrus notes.This effect is enhanced by nourishing olive wax and moisturizing babassu oil.

Refreshing & Smoothing Body Scrub, due to delicate sugar crystals, intensively smooths and rms the skin. Moreover, the soybean oil, rich in vitamin E, protects the skin against oxidative stress.

Velvety Body Wash Cream perfectly cleanses and conditions the skin. Spanish orange extract and stimulating fresh lemon juice give the skin optimum moisture and refreshment. 

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