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 The new three steps towards smoothness
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The new three steps towards smoothness

Stretch marks. Many of us are trying to accept the fact they exist thinking it’s too late to do anything about them. However, there’s no reason why we should live with them! Effective reduction of stretch marks is possible thanks to a three-stage Hi-Tech treatment supported by the innovative Revicore Hi-Tech System technology.
Stretch marks occur more often in women than in men. Stretch marks form in about 70-90% of pregnant women. They may also be observed in young people: in 70% of girls and 40% of boys during adolescence. They arere caused by rapid stretching of the skin as well as tearing of the networks of collagen and elastin fibers which form the skin structure. The tendency for stretch marks is inherited. They are commonly occurring on the breasts, thighs, hips, buttocks, and even on arms. They can really affect the way we perceive ourselves and make us feel insecure. However, it is possible to reduce stretch marks – the key here is to undergo active treatments using innovative preparations and Hi-Tech devices.


The treatment combines an integrated professional skin care system using Dr Irena Eris PROSYSTEM PROFESSIONAL products and Dr Irena Eris REVICORE Hi-Tech System technology.

Stages of the treatment:

Mechanical exfoliation of the thickened epidermis layer. The Dr Irena Eris REVICORE Hi-Tech System diamond microdermabrasion involves the use of abrasive diamond tips with various grades of roughness during the treatment. The skin undergoes intense exfoliation which stimulates regeneration processes.

It is an alternative to traditional micro-needle mesotherapy. This method uses the process of electroporation. An electric impulse is sent through the cell membrane and enters the cells to boost the effectiveness of the treatment. Active ingredients such as the Rejuvenation Gene Activator permeate the deeper skin layers.

Radio waves reach the skin, warm it up, and cause the shortening (spiralisation) of collagen fibers. As a result, new collagen is produced, improving the quality and firmness of the skin and preventing it from sagging. The use of Active Collagen during the radio frequency therapy allows for attaining smoothening and densifying effects, while the bio-stimulating laser activates the restorative properties of cells.

The effects are proven by way of studies carried out in the Dr Irena Eris Cewntre for Science and Research.

  • Smoother skin
  • Increased firmness and elasticity
  • Improved skin density
  • Reduced visibility of stretch marks

*Skin parameters as measured at the Application Research Laboratory and the Image Analysis Laboratory of the Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research after a series of 3 treatments.

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