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Ultra lifting

Lifting therapy with tri-active retinol is a face treatment performed using innovative dr irena eris prosystem professional products and modern technologies. It is recommen-ded to strengthen its effects at home using dr irena eris prosystem home care cosmetics matched individually at the dr irena eris skin care institute.
3-active retinol
ThetreatmentbeginswiththeDrIrenaErisModeling and Lifting Massage or the Dr Irena Eris Signature Massage, during which the 3-ACTIVE RETINOL concentrate is applied to the skin. It’s an innovative complex based on three active forms of vitamin A: retinol, ester of vitamin A, and blue algae extract, which is a plant equivalent of vitamin A. 3-ACTIVE RETINOL supports the increase of the production of collagen and elastin that are responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Additionally, the innovative massage created by experts from the Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institutes improves circulation, rms the skin, and guarantees the feeling of deep relaxation and relief.
Lifting & filler
Hialu-lift express
The next phase of the treatment involves intensive modeling of the face. The LIFTING & FILLER cream and a special MODELING MASK are applied directly on the skin. The LIFTING & FILLER cream contains an innovative HIALU-LIFT EXPRESS complex which ensures a smoothing and lifting effect. Its application guarantees a visible and lasting effect of physical skin tightening.
Modeling mask
The application of the MODELING MASK is followed by a thermal reaction which causes the acceleration of regenerative processes. The mask intensively models the face, and accelerates and improves the absorption of products used during treatments. Warmth gives a pleasant feeling of relaxation. During the time when the mask is on, hand and head massage is performed, and after the mask is removed, the treatment is concluded with a special relaxing ritual.

The Dr Irena Eris Prosystem Home Care Professional Skin Care Program prolongs and intensi es the effectiveness of cosmetic treatments. It is matched according to the client’s individual needs based on a professional skin analysis and cosmetic history. Owing to this, it is perfectly tailored to the skin’s biological age as well as its needs. Elevated concentration of active substances and innovative technological solutions guarantee safety and quickly visible results. Its effectiveness is conrmed by in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo research carried out in the Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research.
5 technologies Dr Irena Eris Revicore Hi-Tech System
For enhanced effects of the treatment, depending on the indications, the ultra lifting treatment may be performed based on technologies of the Dr Irena Eris Revicore Hi-Tech System – with needle-free mesotherapy, vacuum massage, oxibrasion, microdermabrasion
and cavitation peeling.
Use at home
Would you like to further extend and intensify treatment e ects? The DR IRENA ERIS PROSYSTEM HOME CARE professional program includes e ective products which guarantee instantly visible e ects.

DR IRENA ERIS PROSYSTEM HOME CARE ULTRA LIFTING Firming & Lifting Face Serum, day care / A unique conditioning formula with an innovative system allowing for multidimensional reduction of wrinkles and lifting the skin of the face.

DR IRENA ERIS PROSYSTEM HOME CARE ULTRA LIFTING Smoothing & Regenerating Under Eye and Around Lips Area Cream / A unique combination of active substances based on the innovative system for multidimensional reduction of wrinkles and lifting the skin around the eyes.

DR IRENA ERIS PROSYSTEM HOME CARE ULTRA LIFTING Lifting & Regenerating Treatment, night care / First therapy containing the innovative 3-Active Retinol complex with an innovative system for multidimensional reduction of wrinkles and lifting the skin of the face. 

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