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Vitamin of youth

It’s a true heroine. It repels infection attacks, increases immunity, fights cancer, and prevents blood vessels from breaking. It also protects against sun burns, lightens up and hydrates the skin, and also prevents it from premature ageing. Long live the vitamin C!
We can’t produce it on our own, instead we get it with food or from supplements. It is particularly important for our body. Its presence is vital in the process of creating collagen, the main structural protein in the connective tissue, which is responsible for skin elasticity.

Currently, it is one of the most important and best studied components in cosmetology. Administered at a high concentration in
a cream or serum, it constitutes a perfect antioxidant combating free radicals, protects against UV radiation and premature ageing, and finally hydrates, has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces discolorations (which in case of skin with dilated capillaries or acne is invaluable). At higher concentrations, it’s also used for treatments at the dermatologist’s and beauty salons. Spring therapies with vitamin C perfectly highlight the skin, brighten discolorations and improve the skin tone. These will be great for handling dull complexion after winter.

To benefit from its rejuvenating properties, it is recommended to apply it directly on the skin. Therefore, provide it to your skin in the form of creams and formulas in daily care (especially in the summer, when you need better sun protection), and once a month treat yourself with a powerful dose of this vitamin in a beauty salon.

During each visit at Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institutes or in any Beauty Partner salon our beautician will conduct a cosmetic interview and make a diagnosis, so as to propose an appropriate care program to be followed both in the salon and at home. VITAMIN C 30% is a perfect treatment for spring.

At the first phase of the VITAMIN C 30% treatment, after cleansing and removing make-up, the beautician applies onto your skin the 30% vitamin C complex, that is L-ascorbic acid*, which exfoliates and freshens up the skin, visibly brightens it, and, most importantly, has a rejuvenating effect – stimulating the skin to produce collagen.
In order to enhance the effects of treatments, for home care we recommend to use the Dr Irena Eris PROSYSTEM HOME CARE ACTIVE ESSENCE CONCENTRATE FORMULA series: Dermo Revitalization Energizing face concentrate with 5% vitamin C or Dermo Rejuvenation Smoothing face concentrate with 10% vitamin E. Both products are available at Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institutes and Dr Irena Eris Beauty Partner salons.
*Ascorbic acid occurs in two forms denoted with letters L and D (left- and right-rotating). Only the left-rotating
L-ascorbic acid demonstrates 100% biological vitamin activity and may be assimilated and used by the skin; only this form is used in cosmetology.

During the next stage, the beautician performs the Dr Irena Eris Genuine Massage using the 10% vitamin E complex. It should be recalled that vitamin E works very well with vitamin C, and additionally plays a part in collagen production, improves elasticity, and smoothens and moisturizes the skin.

Dr Irena Eris Genuine Massage combines traditional massage, lymphatic drainage elements, and stimulation of energy points. It naturally enhances nourishment and oxidation of the skin, eliminates muscle tension and has a stimulating effect, while mitigating the effects of stress. It also improves our well-being, and is a natural and effective method for improving the appearance
of our skin. At the end, we recommend a mask with herbal extracts which reinforces the effects of applied products and has a lifting and smoothing effect.

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